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With Toshiba you If needed, one can print on onto special papers (i.e. thick paper etc.) if you define the printing settings right. The bypass tray will then be used and paper type must be selected.


and transparencies. Special papers could be used for certain print jobs ex final thesis etc.

In order to accomplish this, certain settings have to be set before printing.

Paper type by the weight of the paper

Paper types that are supported by Toshiba multifunction printers.

Paper type

Weight g/m3 m3












Use only transparencies designed for use in laser printers/copiers.!!

Using the bypass tray and paper type settings

If you print on any other materials than ordinary A4/A3 paper you must select the print settings when creating a print job.


That is all in principle. Click OK and in the application, click Print and you print job is sent to the printer.


You can print double-sided when using the bypass tray. Once again, go to Printer Properties and Finishing tabs.

Select 2-sided Printing and the desired direction underneath it. In the picture below book binding is selected.
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Erikoispaperit & kalvot ja ohisyötön käyttö 

Depending on the program that is being used, either select Printer Properties or Preferences.

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Select Bypass Tray from the Paper Source drop-down menu.

Open Bypass tray from the device and set papers or transparencies onto to it.

Align paper controllers so that they are touching papers or transparencies. Note! Only use transparencies that are suited for printing with laser printers!

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Select the paper type that used from the Paper Type drop-down menu. Or transparencies if those are used.

Finally press ok and print out the job normally.


Note! A3 transparencies >> When device is waiting for paper from the bypass tray, select Normal. This is because the device does not know that A3 transparencies exist.

Double sided

If needed, one can print double-sided jobs from the bypass tray also.

Select Printer properties and switch to Finishing 

Select print layout from the 2-sided Printing section. Normal book layout is selected in the picture below.

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